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Design Kolektif

French designers In Indonesia

par Maria Moreira

the arrival of the collective

Design Kolektif aims to create a Franco-Indonesian working platform to test and share ideas and experiences on radical pedagogical methods, economic models of self-organisation and to experiment with collective forms of creation between different cultures and different disciplines of art (performance, writing, exhibition) and design (object, graphics, space, digital)

During the first part of the project, built in cooperation with the French Institute of Indonesia and supported by the French Institute, four designers from Saint-Etienne went to Indonesia for a residency from November 20th to December 5th 2022, where they will be accompanied by the members of RuangRupa and Gudskul : Mirwan Andan and Rifqi Fajri, as well as other members of the collectives. 

The programme includes meetings, workshops and conferences in three Indonesian cities: Jakarta, Makassar and Sukabumi.

In Sukabumi the participants will work with local artists to design and produce a chill-out space for the  RRREC Fest 2022. 

See the Collective's itinerary on the map

RRREC Fest is an annual programme that has been running since 2010. A music festival, RRREC Fest presents and brings together diverse groups of artists, communities, musicians and music organisers from around the world. RRREC Fest is ruangrupa's effort with young artists to put forward fresh, innovative and inspiring ideas for the younger generation of music lovers and the citizens of Jakarta in general.

RRREC Fest is a statement on the importance of the alternative spirit, which is not only imperative in the music world, but also in many facets of cultural practice. RRREC Fest is a meeting place for music lovers while also having the function of creating a new network with musicians, bands, performers, independent music festival organisations, especially those from Asia and the surrounding region, allowing a dialogue for new collaborations in the future.
Instagram account of the Festival

The French-Indonesian Team of the Design Kolektif project is thankful to Charlotte Esnou, Director of the Institut Français d'Indonésie and her team for their help, support and guidance throughout this ambitious project.

par Maria Moreira

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