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Human Cities SMOTIES – Creative works with small and remote places

Looking for an author for the final publication  

par Inge Eller

SMOTIES booklet 2022© Cité du design

Human Cities – SMOTIES – Creative works with small and remote places is looking for an experienced author/ journalist to be the main contributing author for the final publication of our SMOTIES project.

The project aims at developing spatial and service solutions by designing cultural and creative innovations in 10 European small and remote places conducted by leading universities and experts in Europe. SMOTIES builds on the Human Cities Network involving, since 2006, design, art and architecture universities, practices, agencies, cultural companies spanning all Europe, and promoting the livability of public spaces by using participatory design as an approach to supply systems of process and innovation. The project runs from 2020 to 2024, it is funded by the Creative Europe program of the European Commission. 

The ambition of the book is to share and highlight the achievements of the partners in each remote place across Europe. The scope of the work of the author is to write the main chapter, while we may invite a selection of high-level authors (philosophers, essayists) and local authors, writing about small and remote places combined with this.  

The main task for this piece of work is to tell the story of these projects within their local context. Content should be developed through travelling to each of the 10 partner remote places to conduct interviews/ conversations with key stakeholders involved in the activities. These conversations should be focused on how the project activities are grounded in their local contexts, how local resources (people, networks, etc) have been used to give them shape and what has been the value in terms of enhancing local culture and values.

The tasks for the author will be to: 
- visit all remote places 
- travel and arrange meetings with local stakeholders, with the help of the Human Cities SMOTIES partners – a suggested itinerary will be provided 
- write a chapter introduction explaining the methodological approach 
- conduct conversations with key stakeholders focused on how the projects are grounded in a local culture and how local resources (people, networks, etc) have been used 
- write stories on the project activities in each remote place 
- write a conclusion reflecting on the journey made links across the projects, focused on similarities and differences between how the projects make use of local culture and resources

The work schedule is to be organised with the Cité du design team from 15 June 2022 to July 2024.

A budget of 8000 to 12000 € depending on the scope of the work.

Selection criteria
- Fluency in speaking and writing in English 
- Excellent skills in storytelling, in particular travel writing 
- Previous experience with publishing for a professional and non-professional audience 
- Previous experience with publishing in the fields of design and specifically participatory placemaking is a plus

Recruitment procedure
Send an email with your CV, motivation and a selection of your references and relevant achievements 

Deadline for submission of applications: May 31, 2022
Start date:
June 15, 2022 

Ajouter la légende et © de cette image...
Ajouter la légende et © de cette image...

par Inge Eller

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