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A survey on emerging convivial design in a human scale city

par Inge Eller

Conceived as a designer's survey, Maillages is a publication that is part of the European project Human Cities_Challenging the city scale 2014-2018. Maillages presents local initiatives and gives a voice to the actors of the changes in the territory of the city of Saint-Étienne, without any concern for exhaustiveness. Among the twelve European partners of the project, the cities of Graz, Bilbao, Saint-Étienne and Cieszyn stand out because of their similar problems and the scale of their development, which makes it possible to highlight a territorial network that can be grasped by various actors. The Cité du design of Saint-Étienne, leader of the Human Cities project, has chosen to show various projects undertaken by the inhabitants in order to illustrate this question of networking and the construction of a convivial design. By user-friendly design we mean an approach to design that is fully integrated into society, with regard to societal and environmental issues. Maillages identifies and brings together a certain number of tools that allow us to better understand the strengths and intertwining of the various entities involved. A contextual perspective is provided on the different spatial and human organisations, the local ecosystem, the deployment of events over time, the simultaneity of actions, the emergence of projects and the formation of groups, in an eloquent visual form using the timeline, the map and the diagram.

Publication director: Josyane Franc 
Authors : Magalie Rastello; Josyane Franc; Olivier Peyricot ;Raymond Vasselon; Victoria Calligaro

Cité du design edition
Produced within the framework of the European project Human Cities_ challenging the city scale 2014- 2018 / Creative Europe
Publication date: December 2018
Language: French - English
Format: 215× 260 mm 
Pagination: 244 pages
EAN13: 9782912808813
Limited edition of 300 copies and distributed free of charge

par Inge Eller

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