Par Simone Fehlinger

A design research project by Simone Fehlinger within the Deep Design Lab Cité du design, co-produced by the École urbaine de Lyon - études urbaines anthropocènes.

Axis Bifurcations
Material and visual culture ― production / diffusion / reception of the Anthropocene through the image ― material and systemic realities

Projet by :
Simone Fehlinger, designer-researcher, in charge of the Deep Design Lab

Related researchers, students and artists :
― Charlotte Goffette, étudiante-chercheuse DSRD, CyDRe (Cycle Design Recherche) Esadse


Since contemporary visual and material culture builds its reality on images, reality can be post-produced through editing techniques (Hito Steyerl). Starting from the assumption that the Earth has been transformed into a video installation, a television studio, a design studio,"New Weather TV" explores the production, distribution and reception of the weather report's images and the modern fictions they incorporate into our daily realities: A fiction that evokes our environment as an external object—calculable, exploitable, controllable—remaining on the image of the nation-state although non-human migrants such as aerosols can not to be stopped at the border. "New Weather TV" aims to deconstruct (to "post-produce") this modern/colonial worldview that enters our bodies through the chroma key of the daily weather report—modeling our ways of seeing, hearing, thinking and feeling the Anthropocene.

Article :
― Simone Fehlinger, Material and Visual revolutions. Post-production Tools for Change. Diseña 16 (2020)

Production :
― Teasing New Weather TV: Post-producing Global Views (Two-channel video installation, 25 mins, loop, 2020).

This work was supported by a state funded « Investments for the Future » program operated by the French National Research Agency (reference ANR-17-CONV-0004).

Par Simone Fehlinger

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