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Open Call Milano Design Week 

Eat, Sleep, Communicate

Open Call Milano Design Week © le CyDRe

par Coline VernayRead in French 
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A project by CyDRe (3rd Cycle of Research & Design) Esadse for BASE Milano, with the support of the Institut Français Milan

These are vital activities. Every living being, human and non-human sleeps, eats and
communicates. These are common needs and there are many ways to meet them. These actions/gestures differ according to the environments and cultures, as well as the tools that accompany them. Each of our proposals focuses one or more of these activities andproposes to question their cultural and political possibilities. Can we find ways to resist and get out of the current ecological and social crisis bycommunicating, sleeping, and eating together? Faced with the mandates of productivity, "innovation" and problem solving, we prefer to eat, rest and debate. From this “post-innovative” perspective, we try to take thetime to question together the design and the way it shapes our most essential interactions.

In the dense course of Milan Design Week, our proposal presents itself as a home (as French foyer)1 - a quiet and friendly space to rest and discuss, more than an exhibition.

Free herbal tea and honey, creating a collective tea-set

— project by Delphine Hyvrier
— Application deadline: 13.03.23

— Contact for more information

Do you have some knowledge to share about edible plants?

I am looking for people interested in bees and/or plants to gather stories about the transmission or loss of traditional uses of plants or honey from a specific location: in France, Italy or any region of the world. The point is to share personal anecdotes or stories about plants collected in a survey or chosen in books. These stories will be displayed on tea-related objects that will be used during the exhibition and in a common recipe book.To participate you cansimply share a story, or display it on objects: painting on already existing tea-pots, mugs and spoons, making ceramics… The tea set will be composed of all the items we’re creating, telling stories from different places dealing with human relations with the living. We’ll be in touch during the whole process to exchange information and details, first by email and then via an online chat (Whatsapp or Signal). The project is about asking how modern societies lost the irrelations to the living by interrogating the loss of popular ecological knowledge in the last century. A free herbal tea and honey will be offered to the visitors. On the teapots, mugs will be displayed excerpts of interviews about the traditional uses of wild plants and bee keeping products from a specific place, and how these knowledge are still transmitted or what has stopped their transmission. A recipe book collecting these stories will be shared during the event. The tea time will then be an occasion to learn the names of plants and tell the relation humans had with them a few decades ago.

Live-strike: sleep TV

— project by Sijie He
 Application deadline: 07.03.23
— Contact for more information
— Dates: Monday 17.04 & Thursday 20.04 [13:30]

We invite you to spend an unproductive afternoon with us for this live strike!

Sleep TV, inspired by Slow TV, is a marathon live show. We will film the participants sleeping in our exhibition space and project this video at the entrance of Base Milano.
During the Sleep TV live strike performance project, the participants will assume to stop producing and sleep in the exhibition as a gesture against the high-speed and reproductive society. Participants walk into the exhibition not to make art or see artwork, but to sleep!

Roundtable - how tangping resists capitalism?

— project by Sijie He
 Application deadline: 07.03.23
— Contact for more information
— Date: Choose dates when you available, we’ll set a date that’s convenient for everyone:
— Participate online

We invite you to join our roundtable to discuss how people resist social pressure and anxiety in Italy and China.

Can our body become a tool of resistance against capitalism? How can we strike in the exhibition space? How do we slow down the pace of life?

Tangping(Lying-flat) as a new term in China, naming an altitude affront of frustrations about the real status
quo of today’s young generation.
Flat-mindedness refers to the fact that young Chinese people today, on the background of
the domestic economic downturn, the difficulty of class mobility caused by the ossification of social class, and the intensification of social problems, make this choice because of their disappointment with the real environment.
With today’s high-speed development and busy life-styles, we are pushed by tons of invisible pressure and anxiety. As a result, we have no time to rest, and are afraid of missing out and wasting time and being unproductive. We seem to have accepted that we should live by aligning ourselves with the established social ideology, which leaves us with no other choice or alternative lifestyle. Do our bodies still belong to us, or have we become a cog in the societal giant machine that has to keep working monotonously around the clock?
This roundtable will hold online, for participate in this roundtable, please refer to the information above. 
If any question, please contact:

Agency of Fantastic

— project by Kiti
 Application deadline: 14.04.23
Contact for more information @dd_l_pp (instagram)
— Date / themes of workshop: 17/04 - surprise, 18/04 - curiosity, 21/04- fear, 22/04- anxiety
Schedule (Duration 30 min) : 
EN session: 11:00 -11:30/ 15:00 - 15:30/ 16:30 -17:00
FR session: 12:00 - 12:30/ 16:00- 16:30
RU session: 13:00 -13:30

I’m looking for people interested in participating in workshop and discussing thesubject of emotions with other participants (visitors of BASE Milano). There will be amaximum of 4 participants per session. The sessions will be held in English, French and Russian, therefore knowledge of one of these languages is necessary. You can make the inscription in a private message by choosing the most suitable date and time.

"Agency of fantastic" is an experimental workshop that aims to create a place ofempathy on all sides to help to make a moment of sharing and conversation with the public on the very vast and at the same time very personal subject such as emotions (surprise, curiosity, anxiety and fear). This workshop is an attempt to compile a map of emotions without claiming to be an expert, and also represent the idea that the notion of each emotion can be much bigger than our representation of it, that the words that describe the emotions and that we are used to pronouncing are broader than their dictionary definition. Each person can teach us with their own sensitivity and the hues of their emotional facets. During the discussion each participant will become a guide for the other who will help to understand the differences or the coincidences of experiences of emotions. We can't predict what participants may take from this exchange, maybe nothing will change, but maybe it can form an important ritual to just stop and honestly try to understand how we feel in the moment and understand that others can face the same context, and this can be the first step against indifference, passive behavior and hasty judgments.


— project by Lola Hen
 Application deadline: 31.03.23
— Contact for more information

We are looking for pizzeria in Milan who want to work with us.

For the exhibition, we have a budget dedicated to the production. However, we also have some «extra» expenses to allow us to live (eat/sleep/move around) during the week of the exhibition. We decided to think about a system that would allow us to eat through a partnership with a local restaurant. We propose to provide the telephone number of his restaurant so that the public can order food delivered to the exhibition address and join us for the meal. In exchange, we would like to be able to be fed at lunchtime.

Server tower

— project by Alex Delbos-Gomez
— End of the drop: 31.03.23

— *drop on

Join our local servers can form a counter-power to the data centre giants!

As part of the EAT SLEEP COMMUNICATE exhibition, we are offering you a local data hosting space to share your project with the milano-based audience. We invite all those who wish to test their programming work, in front of the BASE audience during the Milan design week which will take place from 17 to 23 April2023. The program must be able to run on a web browser, not requiring too much computation. The programs will be hosted on a low tech server, on a Raspberry Pi type base. Programs accessible to smartphones are recommended. Any kind of creationis welcome: graphic and sound experiments; video games; theoretical essays playing with the possibilities of programming; chat platforms or others. If you are interested you can send us one, two or three visuals of your program anda short description. Proposals are accepted until 31 March! Making servers exist inour living spaces is a way to regain sovereignty over the management of our information while remaining networked across the world. Local servers can form a counter-power to the data centre giants. We are working on the computer server as a physical object present in our living spaces. To make the server a totem object, to use the term of Ettore Sottsass,designer of the very first personal computer from Olivetti, the Elea 9003 of 1958. To be ableto understand it as a technical object and at the same time to value it as a relational, convivial and social object.

Reading to sleep - open book list

— project by Thomas Goumarre
—  Application deadline: 13.03.23
— Contact for more information

The child, in order to have access to reading, waits for bedtime: a bedtime reading. Later, to have more time to read, he will put bedtime off until later : reading to stay awake.
Tell me about your bedside library!Whether it’s books to put children to sleep or to put yourself to sleep, current or past reading, let’s build up a collection together.Please email me about your bedside library and yourexperiences with small evening reading rituals. Your contributions will be part of an edition available during the event in an ebook format and a printed version. Several temporal interruptions will be proposed each day within the exhibition to open up small rituals of falling asleep through reading. I will be a storyteller and a companion to your sleep. The reading will stop when theaudience falls asleep. Join us in these moments of silent readings live on the Twitch platform (@thomasgoumarre).

Open Call Milano Design Week © le CyDRe

par Coline VernayRead in French 
Know more about BASE Milano

1Untranslatable literally French word, "foyer" is at the same time a fireplace, but also a shelter, a center from which something comes, from which something develops, spreads, the point of convergence of a community, of concentration.

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