The Anthropocene Grid

Development of a conference cycle in collaboration with EESAB Brest

Par Simone Fehlinger

© Simone Fehlinger

Conference cycle in collaboration with EESAB Brest (Master 'Design de la Transition')

The notion of the Anthropocene expresses the fact that human activities such as agriculture, colonialism, industrialization or consumerism have profoundly altered the biogeochemical cycles of the planet. In partnership with the 'Deep Design Lab' (Cité du Design Saint-Etienne), EESAB Brest (Master 'Design de la Transition') offers a conference cycle which reflects on Man who became geological agent. Starting from the assumption that design co-constructs our realities, we present a selection of artefacts that model our relationships with complex environments. Design in the paradigm of the Anthropocene is no longer a modern geometric grid but an interconnected and interdependent mesh. On the basis of examples and experiments, we explore the material realities (human and non-human resources that compose our tools), as well as fictions (ideologies materialized as images, objects, buildings or infrastructures) and techniques of mediation that organize our behavior in the space of the Anthropocene.

#1 ― Entry in : Design and Anthropocène
Simone Fehlinger and Olivier Peyricot (Cité du design Saint-Etienne)

#2 ― Constructions and Deconstructions
Jérémy Cheval (Ecole urbaine de Lyon)

#3 ― Subtract
Mathilde Pellé (Independant Designer)

Par Simone Fehlinger

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