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The Esadse meets Brussels’ schools

A delegation from the Esadse went to Brussels for three days to lay the foundations or confirm its links with Belgian schools

par Marina Baudry

View of the City of Brussels from LUCA School of Arts © Marina Baudry - Cité du design

Responding to the invitation of the French Embassy in Belgium, a delegation from the School went to Brussels on October 25, 26 and 27 to meet with both French and Dutch speaking schools. The Embassy is currently conducting a prospecting mission among Belgian art and design schools.

Brussels is a global stronghold, a cosmopolitan city and a fertile ground for cultural and artistic events, it attracts more and more French students every year.

Marc Streker, ESA Saint-Luc

The delegation was composed of Eric Jourdan, Director of Esadse; Magali Coué, Deputy Director; Rodolphe Dognaux, teacher at Esadse and Marina Baudry, in charge of international mobility. The teams of the Embassy were strongly mobilized by the presence of Thomas Michelon, Cultural and Scientific Counsellor; Violène Verduron, Cultural Attaché at the Cooperation and Cultural Action Service and Pauline Beaumont, Intern at the Cooperation and Cultural Action Service.

On the program of the visits

ESA Saint-Luc, represented by Marc Streker (director);

LUCA School of the Arts, represented by Veerle Van Der Sluys (vice dean research) and Jan Cools (Coordinator LUCA Art Office);

La Cambre, represented by Kevin Saladé (deputy director) and Lucas Limongelli (international mobility), Judicaël Cornu (teacher);

The ERG (School of Graphic Research), represented by Sammy del Gallo (international relationships);

The Royal Academy of Fine Arts (ARBA-ESA), represented by Daphnée de Hemptine (director), Enzo Pezzella (in charge of programming and artistic coordination), Dana Trama (international mobility coordinator);

The MAD represented by Dieter Van Den Storm, director of creation and communication. 

Each of these establishments has its own identity and these visits coincide with the Esadse's desire to qualify its international partners as closely as possible. These meetings contribute to carry out structuring projects over the long term for the benefit of its student and teaching community.

par Marina Baudry

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