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World Conference on the Creative Economy (WCCE)

Inclusive creativity, cultivating the future - Speech by Dominique Paret, Director of Cité services

par Sonia Hedhibi

WCCE - Speech by Dominique Paret, Director of Cité services © Institut Français UAE

The first World Conference on the Creative Economy (WCCE) was held in Indonesia in 2018, a forum that was dedicated to policy makers and industry players to exchange ideas, solve challenges and identify opportunities within the creative economy. 

From 7 to 9 December 2021, the UAE hosted the second World Conference on the Creative Economy 2021 with thought leaders, aspiring creatives and innovators from around the world at EXPO 2020 Dubai.

For three days, a large global community of entrepreneurs, creatives and policy makers gathered in person and virtually, where they were joined by world-renowned speakers, thinkers and policy makers. 

It is the ideal place to engage collaboratively and practically with the future of the creative economy, helping to build it on an inclusive, accountable and people-centred basis.

WCCE 2021 saw key players from around the world come together in the United Arab Emirates on a dynamic platform to engage with each other and take concrete steps towards a more sustainable creative economy. As the pace of innovation and technological disruption continues to accelerate, WCCE 2021 is a unique forum and an ideal opportunity to share knowledge, analyse trends and debate ideas.

Dominique Paret spoke about the importance of design in the City of Saint-Étienne, the role of design in raising public awareness for the development of the creative economy, innovation, the importance of creative clusters and the Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Étienne 2022. 

World Conference on Creative Economy © WCCE

par Sonia Hedhibi

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