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Seoyoon Shin

Trouver à nouveau Joseon

We are living in a materialistically over-satisfied society, and it creates over-connections.
Foods full of refrigerator, unnecessary relationships in cellphone, street noise, and large furniture occupying space all make my life heavyas a connection related to my life. Therefore, I consider the relationship, connection, and appropriate distance between the subject. Instead of living ina mixture of many connections, empty space and relaxed moment make a life light and free. We have to reconsider the minimum things for it.
“Joseon, light and empty life, focus on myself”.
The Joseon Dynasty is Korea's unique history. It is represented bypragmatism, functionalism, and asceticism. This value is worth emulating fromthe point of view of a pragmatic philosophy such as functionalism. They made furniture according to their needs, and subdivided their functions to make them smaller in size. So it can be easily moved and put away as needed, giving the user an empty space. For them, empty space was equated with mental relaxation. It made possible a meditative life of focusing on oneself.
But now, the heritages are completely disappeared in our life. Wegot rid of our heritages without respecting the history and culture, just followed the western cultures. Recently, Korean people become having conscious about regaining history and heritage. But our lifestyle and tastes havechanged. What people want is new, not the original. Thus, this process is a new attempt to respect tradition and bring it back into our lives.
These new objects have the design of Joseon as a basis, but follow the values standards of modern functionalism aesthetics such as universality, simplified geometric shapes, modules and standardization of units. And fundamental unification was attempted in all part of units, therefore, userscan assemble and customize each unit with the functions of[put/assemble/hang/stack] according to their needs.
The production method inherits the traditional assembly technique of Joseon that does not use nails or adhesives, all of the joints are not firmly combined. So It can be easily disassembled and put away when not in use, efficient use of living space is possible. It allows people to be the subjectof space instead of furniture.

Crédits : © S. Binoux

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