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Par Vincent Gobber

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The material ressource center is a space for presentation, information, advice and research on materials and transformation processes, as well as a place where know-how can be brought together: we can help you with your projects. It includes databases on transformation processes and their geolocation, sensory analysis tools, colorimeters and a collection of specialized books.

The material ressource center is one of the most extensive in France. It also specializes in know-how from the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region and Eco friendly materials.
It offers over 3,500 materials from all over the world, divided into nine families: concrete/minerals, wood/derivatives, composites/compounds, metals/alloys, plastics/elastomers, textiles/leathers, plant/animal, glass/ceramics, paper/cardboard.

Subscriptions and registrations

- Professional access :

For professionals, access to the material ressource center is exclusively by appointment and/or remote access, by subscribing to one of the offers detailed in the document below.
Companies established in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region, with their head office located in the same region, can benefit from preferential rates which vary according to the size of the company.

Professionnals souscription

- Higher education access :

Members of the higher education sector, including teachers and students from public institutions, can benefit from free access to the materials ressource center.
However, this free access requires prior registration and is available by appointment only.

Registration forms :TeacherStudent

Database access


Exhibiting and presenting know-how

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Exhibit your materials and your craft, industrial, artistic or design know-how in the showcase of the material ressource center and its virtual twin, for a minimum period of one year. Like a cabinet of curiosities, it enables users to discover and explore the possibilities offered by different skills.

Discovering and exploring :

A showcase of know-how

Looking to showcase your expertise and know-how? Take advantage of the material ressource center showcase to present and exhibit your know-how free of charge. Click on the link below to submit your application.

Application form

Referencing your transformation process

Process Data base©Cité du design - Esadse

Reference your know-how directly online, free of charge.The PROCESS database is a unique research tool in France for material transformation processes: cutting, bending, machining, assembly, etc.


Explore, discover, learn, touch, see, smell, listen, meet...

- A showroom with material samples and videos on manufacturing processes.
- A showcase for professionals and researchers.
- Technical information and examples of applications.
- A work and research area with specialist publications and books.
- Two expert databases, on materials and transformation processes.
- Access to partner material libraries' databases.
- Sensory analysis of materials and/or small objects.
- Company/student workshops

Sensory workshops

Échantillon de résultat ©Cité du design

Sensory workshops facilitate the measurement of sensory perceptions (sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch) of a material and/or small object using a range of users. Based on descriptors, these workshops seek to obtain an objective point of view on perception, thus exploring the field of design possibilities. Their aim is to improve project development for companies by broadening perspectives and drawing on diverse sensory experiences.

Workshops for companies and students

Explore your know-how with Esadse students.

The material ressource  center and Saint-Étienne School of Art and Design are organizing foresight workshops based on company know-how. The aim is to enable companies to explore and develop new projects, through the creativity of design students.

One example is the Fabécole project:

Books available for consultation at the material ressource center

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Discover below a varied selection of books available for consultation at the material ressource center.

Some of these books are also available for purchase in the Cité du Design store, offering enthusiasts the chance to add to their personal collections. If you prefer to borrow the books, the media library has a selection available on loan.

To simplify your search, don't hesitate to use the buttons at the top left of the page, allowing you to filter or sort the results according to your preferences.

Books available for consultation at the material ressource center

If you'd like to read the book of your choice while helping to enrich the material ressource center's collections, don't hesitate to submit your book purchase proposals by clicking on the link below.

Book suggestions for the material ressource center


Alexandre Peutin
Materials ressource center Manager

Par Vincent Gobber

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