Design and Art Research

Par Soizic Briand

Performance Matières à souvenir - Esadse 2017, semaine pratique et recherche © S.Binoux

Conducted by designers and artists (researchers and/or teachers), the design and art research of the Cité du design/Esadse (Saint-Étienne's College of Art and Design) is organized as a platform. It fuels the historical controversy that confronts technical culture and art through its coverage of the following topics and fields: the exploration of technical, design and digital culture, the investigation and critique of representations of modernity, design and the anthropocene, public policy design, vernacular design...

The research platform

The platform is a space for sharing work and research tools. It benefits from a mediatheque, a materials library, la Matériauthèque, production workshops and distinctive tools such as the Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Etienne, the journal Azimuts and other publishings. 

Cité du design © C. Pierot

The research labs

The platform combines multiple forms of research within three types of laboratories: Laboratories, labs and units.

- Laboratoire Images - Récits - Documents- 
- Laboratoire Random
- Laboratoire d’expérimentation des modernités
- Lab : Deep Design Lab
- Lab : Design des Instances
- Unit : Everyone can design, even designers
- Unit : Déconstruction de segments techniques

Laboratoire Random

Research programs

The research programs aim to build a community of researchers who produce theoretical and sensitive forms. They conduct research that is situated in the territory and is in line with the current research themes discussed on the platform. Gathered within the research phase (postgraduate), these programs are open to students and experienced professionals who wish to train in design research.

Bosozoku, Biennale internationale design Saint-Étienne 2015, une collaboration CyDRe / ESBA Angers

Tools and outputs

At the Cité du design, research is exhibited and published. It relies on the Esadse school's workshops, a material library (la Matériauthèque) and a mediatheque. Researchers also have transversal tools at their disposal: the research journal Azimuts or the Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Etienne are places for the production, prototyping, and dissemination of current projects resulting from our research programs.

Azimuts N°51, revue de recherche en design

International prize

The Jacques Bonnaval International Prize for Design Research is funded by the city of Saint-Étienne. It is granted every two years during the Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Etienne.

Par Soizic Briand

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