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the Cité du design
on the international scene

The Cité du design is developing an international strategy based on a dynamic of exchange and collaboration with numerous networks, and in particular on partnerships stemming from the success of the different editions of the Saint-Etienne International Design Biennials. The activities and expertise of the Cité du design largely contributed to the designation of Saint-Etienne as a UNESCO city of design, and member of the creative cities network in November 2010.

Through conferences, traveling exhibitions, workshops, bi-lateral and international projects, the Cité du design seeks to assert its international renown for the benefit of companies, designers, and local actors, and to develop regional attraction.

By concentrating in particular on design as a factor of innovation in the face of social transformations, new uses and lifestyles, the Cité has been able to develop methods of research and experimentation through design which confirm its role on the international scene as the French design laboratory.

The department of international relations has been run mutually with the Saint-Etienne Higher School of Art and Design since 2007.
Josyane Franc, directrice des relations internationales

Josyane Franc

Director of International relations
Cité du design and the Saint-Etienne Higher School of Art and Design

Josyane Franc is the director of the joint department of international relations for the Cité du design and the Saint-Etienne Higher School of Art and Design (ESADSE).
She has been involved in the promotion of the school since 1989, organizing exhibitions, seminars, international projects, and developing partnerships with enterprises and Azimuts, the school's design review. She has built up an international network of student exchange with some sixty establishments throughout the world. She was also a founding member of the Saint-Etienne International Design Biennial in 1998, and was responsible for the communication, press relations and international monitoring through to 2004.

She represents the Cité du design and the ESADSE within different international networks: ELIA (European League of artistic institutions), Cumulus (international schools of design), Art Accord France (Association of International Relations Officers) , BEDA (Bureau of European Design associations), EIDD (Design for all Europe), PKN (Pecha Kucha Night), UCC (Unesco Creatives Cities), CJC (Centre Jacques Cartier), etc., and coordinates their participation in numerous European and International projects, organizing conferences and workshops.
Josyane Franc has also been co-curator of several exhibitions for the different Biennials, and for traveling exhibitions such as « Saint-Etienne : Cité du design » in Brazil during the "Year of France in Brazil" in Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro, Curitiba and Sao Paolo. More recently she was involved in « Saint-Etienne city of creative design for all » in Estonia (Tallinn, European Capital of Culture), Latvia, Slovakia and Finland (World Design Capital Helsinki 2012). She prepared the application of Saint-Etienne as UNESCO city of design, member of the creative design cities network, and has coordinated the city's activities within the network since its designation in November 2010.