Network partnerships

European and International networks


  • To promote the Cité du design as a recognized international expert in the design community.
  • To use the partnership network as a resource for developing strategies at the local level.
  • To affirm the international renown of the Cité du design and its positioning on design in European networks.

The network partners

The Cité du design is a member of the following networks :
  • BEDA - Bureau of European Design Associations
  • ENoLL - European Network of Living Labs
  • IDeALL - Integrating Design for All in Living
  • LabsDME - Design Management Europe
  • EIDD - Design for All Europe
  • CJC - Centre Jacques Cartier
  • PKN - Pecha Kucha Night
  • HC2 - Human Cities 2

A creative district and a Living Lab

The Manufacture Plaine Achille, where the Cité du design is located, has the ambition of becoming the district of creative professions in Saint-Etienne ; a site of permanent networking between technology, art, culture, and leisure, with three major centres of higher education : vision optics, design, and the media.
The Manufacture-Plaine Achille campus is the site of the European Living Lab experiment labeled at the end of 2009 as: « Design Creative City Living Lab » « European Network of Living Lab » (ENoLL) .

A Living Lab is a laboratory based on experimentations and co-creation with users and real-life environments.
It brings together researchers, enterprises, local authorities and users, in order to produce together new systems, products, services or economic models....It is an eco-system of innovation, where users and citizens are the active players, supported by professionals. The DCC-LL, piloted by the Cité du design, is an original tool for methods of creation through design and uses. It draws on the support of the Laboratory of uses and practical innovation (LUPI®), an experimental project of the Cité du design.
Illustration - Manufacture Plaine Achille / Quartier créatif