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Banc d'essai 2019 : 3 calls for projects

Biennale Internationale Design 2019

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Bancs d'essai 2019
3 calls for projects to participate in the

Biennale Internationale Design of Saint-Étienne 2019

For the 2019 Biennial, Saint-Étienne Metropole, the City of Saint-Étienne, the Saint-Etienne Public Planning Establishment and the Cité of Design offer 3 calls for projects to give more opportunities to manufacturers, publishers, architects, artists and designers from France and abroad to test their creativity during the month of the Biennial in the heart of the city of Saint-Etienne.

The objective is to experiment urban objects: service, information and display, urban signage, temporary arrangement, café terrace, large picnic table, street furniture, fixed or mobile, connected object, plug-in, graphic design , sound design, street lighting, urban staging, microarchitecture, ...

European Canteen
Design: Talking Thing
Partenaires: ASBL Equama, Ville de Saint-Étienne
Banc d'essai - Biennale Internationale Design 2015

The 3 calls for projects:

  • Call for project n ° 1 for street furniture companies and publishers.
    The objective of this call for project is to respond to the growing need for conviviality and social interactions of our public places. Market gardeners, cafés, catering companies, neighborhood associations are looking to invest these urban spaces of proximity to share. With constrained spaces, terraces between roads and parking spaces, on a wide or cramped sidewalk, on the privatized time parking or the public square of the district, how to create a real space of conviviality comfortable, accessible, mobile, flexible and secure, sheltered from wind and rain, day and night ?
    The proposed projects will be prototypes or new products (micro-architecture, single object or small series) not yet marketed or marketed for less than 2 years.


  • Call for project n ° 2 for designers, designers, urban designers...
    The railway viaduct that crosses Saint-Étienne forms a structural boundary that delimits the end of the city center and cuts the hyper-center of the new creative district of the Manufacture. For a long time, small developments have amplified this boundary by occupying or blocking access to the arches. The arches of the Carnot Viaduct offer valuable spaces on the edge of the urban boulevard. The arches are to explore, and uses are to be imagined. The expression is free for these small urban salons...


  • Call for projects n ° 3: TOTEM object aimed at designers, artists, companies.
    This call for projects proposes to imagine the emblematic urban object of Saint-Etienne, a creative city of design. This "TOTEM object" will be an illustration of the territory's creativity and inventiveness. It should be photogenic, digital, bright, interactive, mobile, and available in different formats, visible at night and mentioning in any letter "Saint-Etienne". It should be easily movable from one place to another depending on events. Maintenance, cleaning and mobility constraints will need to be incorporated as soon as the concept is specified.


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Application deadline :
Monday 24 September 2018 at midnight

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Places to invest in the city

The proposals selected by a jury of experts will be installed on strategic spaces of an urban route in the heart of the city. Projects and sites will be selected according to their relevance. Each selected candidate will have access to a usage report of his project, made by a team of experts and designers.

The 2019 places to invest:

  • Square of Châteaucreux station
  • Fourneyron Square
  • Jean Moulin Place
  • Massenet Square and Violette Square
  • Dorian Square
  • Hôtel de Ville Square
  • Jean Jaurès Place
  • Viaducts and forecourt of Carnot station

The partners will decide the final implementation of each project at the end of October. It will depend on the coherence between the project, the proposed objects and the proposed sites of implantation.

The 2015 and 2017 editions acclaimed

Praised during these previous editions in 2015 and 2017, the device Test Bench allowed the public of the Biennale to test forty new prototypes of objects, furniture or urban services. Applications are open for the 2019 edition.

During the Biennial, the Saint-Etienne public space becomes a real "showroom" for companies and designers of experimental urban furniture. Beyond that, the ambition is to perpetuate the process so that the design enters definitely in our urban and daily practices.

The projects proposed in 2015 and 2017 have received great recognition for the candidates:

  • More than twenty projects on display have found their place in the public area of ​​Saint-Etienne and the Auvergne - Rhône-Alpes region.
  • Numerous test bench objects have been exhibited in Paris as part of "Gardens, garden" at the Jardin des Tuileries and at Paris Design Week.
  • 2015 Shenzhen Design Award: designer Dorothée Noirbent won the prize of merit in the professional category for her "Cube Gigogne" project located at Chavanelle place, realized with the company Alsolu.
  • Observeur du design 2018 award: Mâtuvu, a project by student Jennifer Hardel (Rondino company), has been awarded the Observeur du design 2018 by the agency for the promotion of industrial creation. # obsdesign18
  • Designers projects have integrated the catalog of companies: like the bench: "Banki" made by Gharib M 'Zouri and "the Smallest Stand of the World", designer Jean Couvreur, published by the company Tôlerie Forézienne.