From Apr 27 to Apr 28

Mobilities of the future

International Workshop with Unesco’s Creative Design Cities 

par Sonia Hedhibi

Around Autofiction © Cité du design / drawing, Camille Chatelaine

Cité du design organize a virtual workshop on the Mobility of the future topic in collaboration with 6 others Unesco Creative Cities of Design (Detroit, Geelong, Graz, Kortrijk, Puebla, Torino) on April 27 and April 28, 2021.

Over the past year, these cities have been acting as experts in the field of the automotive industry and have come together to share their experience, projects and vision of tomorrow’s mobility. For a responsible and durable mobility, we need our consumption, our relationship to resources and our political and social structures to drastically change. How are cities and designers addressing this situation? The object of the automobile itself is being questioned, it’s no more a personal property. The question is: which bifurcation shall we take?

Additionally, a travelling exhibition entitled Around Autofiction will be held at the Cité du design from April 27, 2021 to July 31, 2022  it will feature the results of this long-term collaboration.

This workshop will be an opportunity to bring together automotive companies and designers from different Unesco Creative Cities of Design: it will be an opportunity to share on various recent projects and initiatives, and also work together the mobility of future.

par Sonia Hedhibi

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