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Présent >< Futur: the Cité du design showcases Guillaume Bloget, a designer in search of the essence of objects

par Raphaël Pigeat

Launched last September by the Cité du design, the Présent >< Futur cycle presents a panorama of a new generation of designers through a series of monographic exhibitions and a collection of publications. After the colourful, digital world of Laureline Galliot, the spotlight now falls on the work of designer Guillaume Bloget. Être là is his first solo exhibition, which runs from 15 February to 23 June 2024 in Saint- Étienne. You will discover a sensitive, subtle, muted experiential world. The pared-down scenography, constructed around a central feature, effectively conveys his quest for the essential and questions the relationship between object and space.

Guillaume Bloget, Être là

Designed to be a snapshot of Guillaume Bloget's work, this exhibition features about forty projects, publications, mock-ups and prototypes, brought together in one place to highlight his cross-cutting practice of design. Guillaume Bloget's vision is a holistic, optimistic one in which humans and objects live in harmony in a sensitive proximity to the world. His scenography forms a "suggested space" inspired by American artist Robert Irwin's installation Who’s Afraid of Red, Yellow and Blue (1966- 1970). It consists of a luminous floor and ceiling of the same size. The central installation designed by Guillaume Bloget can be seen as a single whole or in its details, when the visitor comes in closer and walks around its edges. As the viewer's angle of view changes, the objects are superposed and connections between them appear. For this exhibition, the designer was invited to embark on a creative adventure with the Verrerie de Saint-Just glassworks in Loire, France, to highlight the exceptional know-how of this company famous for its coloured hand-blown sheet glass.

par Raphaël Pigeat

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