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International preparatory class

The International Preparatory Class is a class for French and international candidates who wish to take the entrance exams of French art and design schools

Félix Fritz, DNSEP Design mention Média, 2022

par Raphaël Pigeat

Giving French and international students a unique artistic experience, breaking down the barriers between courses and encouraging inclusion - this is the mission of the International Preparatory Class. Here, you will be included in the pedagogy and life of the school!
The class language is French, the group is made up of half French and half international students.

To help you prepare for the entrance exams (or equivalence entrance exams), the programme offers you :

• assistance in putting together your portfolio for the exams and juries;
• preparation for the exam interviews in French, thanks to the courses offered by Esadse (capacity: 12 French and 12 foreign students);
• the discovery of French culture and the French approach to art and design with the teachers of the programme, during conferences and meetings with artists and designers, by visiting exhibitions and cultural places suggested by the Esadse;
• an introduction to art and design teaching in France through the project;
• a collaboration between French and international students by participating in critical artistic and intercultural exchange sessions.

Strengths of the programme

• Access to the Esadse technical workshops, the media library and the material library. You have a working room exclusively dedicated to you, which you can use outside of class hours.
• Personalized support in preparing for exams
• Guidance and advice in choosing schools
• Creation of new individual and collective works to be presented to the Art and Design school entrance juries
• Creation of a digital portfolio to be sent for pre-selection
• Training and preparation for interviews (oral presentation and selection of works to be presented)
• Preparation for the plastic and general culture tests
• Exemption from exam fees at the Esadse

28-week programme

• 382 hours of classes or workshops
including a minimum of 72 hours of art and design history and 75 hours of drawing lessons
• 5 hours of individual follow-up
• 27 hours of lectures (artists and designers)
• 12 hours of screen printing workshop
• 48 hours of compulsory French as a foreign language (FLE) classes.

Possibility of booking additional courses with an Esadse partner.

Admission requirements

Minimum age: 18 years old

Level of study required to enter the course: Proven previous artistic practice - minimum Baccalauréat or equivalent

Presentation of artistic achievements
Show your creations in a portfolio (Pdf format / max. 5Mo) integrating, if necessary, links to online elements for multimedia, sound or digital creations.
This file will reflect the diversity of your production (sketches and observation drawings, illustrations, pictorial research, sculptures, engravings, music, 2D or 3D animation, etc.)
Cover letter + resume to be added to the CampusArt electronic file

Level of French required: Intermediate (B1) TCF, TEF, DELF or DALF level B1 minimum: checked during the selection of candidates.
Exemptions listed: on page 4.

Timetable and cost

First admission session
• Closing date for applications: 1st April 2023
• Response from the selection committee within the Esadse: 17th April 2023
• Selected candidates are asked to give a final answer on their registration before June 1st, 2023.

Second admission session (subject to availability of places)
• Closing date for applications: 12th June 2023 (local time)
• Response from the selection committee: 20th June 2023

Cost of studies per year
Training fees: €2500
CVEC: 95€ (indicative rate 2022-2023)

Number of annual teaching hours:
474 hours

Contact and practical information

For more informations

Marina Baudry
International Mobility Officer
Tél : +(33) 6 99 23 49 65

Reception services
Individual support is provided on settling in France and for administrative procedures (visa, accommodation reservation, international student guide).

Accommodation is systematically booked in a private residence close to the school.
The student is free to accept or refuse this reservation.
The average monthly rent is 450€ for a 20sqm furnished apartment.

Possibility of learning French within the school and in a nearby site.

par Raphaël Pigeat

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