Masters and Double-Diplomas

Partnerships with higher education institutions


Par Marina Baudry

Charles Corthier, DNSEP option design – mention objet, 2016–17. © S. Binoux

The Esadse is also involved in four inter-schools Masters courses:

Esadse - Kookmin — Double Master Degree

(Kookmin — Seoul, South Korea)

The Esadse-Kookmin University, Seoul Double Master enables any student interested in a high-level international course to acquire a Double Master Degree in design in two years: the Edadse DNSEP and the Korean Master's at Kookmin University. The course is taught entirely in English and includes one year in the school of origin and one year in the partner institution. It is aimed at students with an interest in French and Korean culture, in the fusion of Eastern and Western lifestyles and different concepts of creation in Europe and Asia and therefore the ways of teaching. It is based on traditions in the arts and crafts trades (ceramics, glass, wood, etc.) or the organisation of housing and living spaces, enriched by a conceptual approach to creation and to digital production methods. The questions of history and cultural identity are core to this course which looks at how philosophies and practices diverge while numerous points in common are revealed. In design, the globalised dimension of culture is seen as additive - the opposite of standardisation.

Masters in Prospective Design

This Masters is the result of a partnership between three higher education institutes in Saint-Etienne: the Esadse, the Ecole des Mines de Saint-Étienne engineering school and the IAE (Institute of business administration) at Jean Monnet University. Created in 2013, the "Prospective Design" is the only Masters course of its kind in France, with components covering future development, social innovation, engineering and creation. This course provides a differentiation opportunity for students which includes technological innovation as a component in value creation, on an equal footing with design and economic and social innovation, thus creating a totally cross-disciplinary Masters.

This Masters can be taken after 3 years of higher education.
Enrolment is with Jean Monnet University.

Masters in Information Architecture

The Masters in Information Architecture provides innovative training in the design, organisation and presentation of information for users in a digital, interactive and mobile environment.
The teaching concentrates first of all on the three disciplines or skills sets:
- Information science (organisation of knowledge and resources, finding, organising, searching, retention, access to information);
- Web IT (organisation of websites, networks, multimodality, languages and W3C protocols);
- User experience (UX) (placing the user at the heart of system design to make browsing, searching, access and viewing information intuitive). The Esadse's involvement in this skill set is through "interface design" classes taught jointly by a teacher (designer) from the Esadse and a teacher from the Ecole Normale Supérieure in Lyon.

This Masters can be taken after 3 years of higher education.
Enrolment is with the Ecole Normale Supérieure in Lyon.

Par Marina Baudry

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